Parry Laminating Machines


If you use large quantities of cardboard to make high-grade boxes, displays or matte board, a Parry laminating machine is more than a great investment.  It can be a real profit center.  Any company using a thousand sheets of laminated board per day will be money ahead by creating a laminating department, with the Parry laminator as the anchor machine.   The reason is simple.  With a high-performance, ultra-reliable Parry laminating machine, you're in the driver's seat.  You can supply yourself with the kind of laminated board you need whenever you need it.  And not be bound to expensive out-side sources to do your work for you.  There's more good news.  With your own laminating department, board storage is reduced to a minimum.  You only make up laminated board as you need it so you can drastically cut your losses from the kind of deterioration and spoilage you can except from long-term storage.




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